Supporting Menopause with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

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TCM views menopause as a natural energetic shift of the physical body, mind and spirit allowing women to enter a new phase of life. This transformation from energy flowing outwards (to raise children, look after others etc) now returns inward allowing a woman to reconnect with her spirit.

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Helping you manage the transition

In our western culture, menopause is rarely talked about or acknowledged and often denotes negative emotions, even fear, amongst women and men alike!

Menopause should be a time of positive transformation. In contrast to our western view, Chinese culture embraces menopause as the ‘second spring;’ when women can divert their energy inwards and focus on nourishing their own health. It is a time for internal growth, creativity and spiritual development.

This transition phase can be challenging for many women. TCM can help by balancing your qi and hormones to minimise negative symptoms.

Typically, women will notice a period of cycle irregularity or unusual symptoms suddenly developing such as insomnia, fatigue or weight gain.

From a TCM perspective, the yin and yang are out of balance; in most cases this means that 'water' isn't strong enough to contain the 'fire' so women experience sudden hot flushes or night sweats, emotional dysregulation and a general feeling of restlessness and frustration.

A combination of acupuncture, diet, lifestyle and sometimes herbs can smooth out this transition so you feel more in control. Since every women experiences menopause differently each treatment is individualised to address your specific symptoms and restore balance.

If you want to find out more about how Chinese Medicine can help you, please get in touch to discuss treatment options and appointment availability.